New Punk Bands In Chicago (2014)

2014 has been an awesome year for new punk bands, specifically in Chicago.

I don't know if it's cause I'm biased and digging into the local scene more or what. But I can't help feeling that we're in a new Golden Age of music and Chicago is really, really strong now. So strong that it is almost pointless putting together a top 10 list of bands because there's always something new! It's crazy. I'm not going to even try. So I'm going to keep an updated list of new punk bands in Chicago. Check back weekly for updates.


Aside from having great music artists across genres, Chicago has some of the best new punk bands around. We've had the joy of playing with some of them, seeing some of them and spinning their tunes. What makes Chicago really special is the attitude that a lot of bands have. A straight up punk do-it-yourself approach to music. You might be thinking "WTF these guys don't sound like NOFX," but Punk is more an attitude than it is a chord progression. A lot of the bands I'm going to list make great tunes, throw house shows, print their own tees and support their communities. So if you listen to them, resist the urge to tune them out if they're not your definition of punk. I assure you, these dudes are hardcore about music. This is in no particular order or preference and I plan on adding new bands to this list as time goes on so come back and check it out.


LAST UPDATED 11/2/2014


I first heard these dudes on a whim from a CHIRP radio broadcast of some sort. Ever since I've been hooked. I've met a couple of these dudes around and they are cool as hell. They are nice too. Being a punk band doesn't mean you have to be a dick. These guys really blur the lines between punk and indie rock having blistering energy, catchy melodies and lyrics that don't suck. My first thought was "wow, a new punk band that can write catchy tunes like Rancid." Do yourself a favor and check them out.


Continuing on the train of being a nice ass dude, the frontman for this band is the nicest person I've ever met. Genuinely, non-self-serving awesome A+ dude. He is committed to a punk rock lifestyle and his local music community, hosting the best shows at The Flowershop, a DIY venue.  On top of that he's in a bad ass band that rocks so hard. Checkout their new release "Baby Carrots" for some evidence.


Love this sound. More of a surf post-punk sound. Don't know much about the people behind the rock except for the drummer Tom. He runs The Shake Shop, a guitar repair shop over in Logan Square. He is also one of the nicest dudes. There is a theme here. Do you see it? Nice people make good music. No, I dunno...but anyways these guys rock. And I dunno what happened to the singers teeth but I imagine something very punk.


The Jollys are a surf punk, 60's kinda boppy garage rock band. They're also really nice dudes. They play a lot of DIY shows and they screen print their own shirts so I'm putting them in here as a new punk band you should check out.


This is my band and I've been inspired by the punk rock work ethic of bands like The Minutemen, Black Flag and Thee Oh Sees. Just a focus on constantly releasing new material, spending as little time in the studio as possible and cranking out the jams. We also have like no dollars, so it's kind of a requirement. But I like a more hands on approach. If you wanna read reviews we have them on our press page, but give this jingle a listen.

Graham is a singer / songwriter / guitarist in the Chicago rock band The Thons. He also catalogs the local music scene, new releases and muscular kangaroos in The Blog From Mars.

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