“You’re Way Too Loud!” MAMA at Gallery Cabaret (Video)

“You’re Way Too Loud!” MAMA at Gallery Cabaret (Video)

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Last night we played our third show with MAMA this year. They're a really fun band to see. A little Thin Lizzy, a little Misfits. Classic vibes with kick ass melodies. While I was shooting the shit with the lead dude Chris he reminded me of this hilarious show we played together at The Gallery Cabaret back in June.

If you've never been to The Gallery Cabaret then you should treat yourself to a weird experience. It's been around forever and it's a dive bar right up there with The Mutiny. They mainly do acoustic acts but lately they've been having rock bands come in and the night we played they were not ready for us as evidenced by this video.

A little back story.

The show opened up with an acoustic act by a kid who did covers of radio hits. This was like 8pm and nobody was there but us three and MAMA so he got a couple claps and then he was off to The House of Blues. After him this old dude played some classic Dylan covers on his acoustic. He's a regular there and I remember seeing him do open mic in 2005 when I would hit the place up for cheap pitchers of Leinenkugel. After he was done we went on.

The sound guy was hammered. I mean obliterated at 9:30pm. We got everything setup and two songs in he was yelling "TURN IT UP TURN EVERYTHING UP!" So I turned up a little. Two more songs in he was yelling "TURN IT DOWN THE COPS ARE HERE!" He got in some kind of altercation with the owner and after our set he said this was the first time in 20 years the cops have ever shown up. I was like "dude, we're not even loud. Wait til MAMA plays."

MAMA got up there with their recent addition of Paul on guitar to round them out at an even four piece. This little gem of a video opens with the owner getting pissed about how loud they were and someone yelling "they're a rock band!" As in all things, you had to be there. But I hope this video helps tell a funny little story I like to share whenever The Gallery Cabaret comes up in conversation.

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