Self-distribute your music better with this list of 1,666 record stores.

Self-distribute your music better with this list of 1,666 record stores.

Record Store Day 2015 came and went and we were fielding a lot of questions as a band. People were wondering why we weren’t playing a Record Store Day show and if we had merch available in stores. To be honest, we dropped the ball this year around cause we didn’t do any of that. And a lot of that is because we were busy earlier this year recording and releasing our fourth release “Hot Fun.”

I was waiting around to hear back from some labels who were maybe-sort-of-probably-not going to release it but that never happened. As I looked to self-distribute the album throughout the U.S. and eventually the world, I couldn’t find anything that helped me get in touch with stores easily. So I put together this list of record stores to make it easier when self-distributing or planning in-stores. I go into more detail on the page with the big ass list.

Here’s a video showing some cool stuff you can do to self-distribute music better.

Here’s a rough transcript:

“Hey what’s up guys it’s Graham with the Thons. I’m showing you a little bit about this record store site that we put together.

So it’s on our website and you can find it easily if you go to and you hover over this little thing which is our blog we have and it’s called the big ass list of record stores.

So we’re here on the big ass list of record stores. So what is this? I kinda describe it a little bit here but basically it’s a big ass list of record stores, like 1,600 or more. I pulled this information together from a bunch of sites and as far as I know it’s accurate. I’m gonna do some cleanup work here to make it a little bit better and i’m gonna contact the stores to get it updated. But if you find anything let me know. You can contact us on twitter, they go straight to my phone or you can email us over here.

The goal here f this video is for me explain this a little bit and to show you some cool shit you can do. Put it together for bands mainly who are looking to self-distribute or do in-stores while they’re out touring. The idea here is you can go here, let’s say you’re like we wanna target places in Texas. So you can type in state code TX and it’s gonna start pulling up everything that’s in Texas. You can see it’s pulling up a lot of pages, if you don’t wanna go through all these pages you can go here to “show entries” and select all. I’d suggest being careful here because there’s a shitload of them in here and you could load a thousand and blow everything up. Try not to do that.

So what you could do then is you may notice some of these don’t have websites or contact info. Most of these do so this isn’t a great example. But let’s say you only want ones with websites you could go here and put in a dot and that would filter everything that’s in Texas that has a website. That’s pretty useful.

So maybe you only want stuff that has an email, so you could put an at sign in here and get everything with an email. So that would make this really easy, you’ve their address here, their email you can get a hold of them and verify their info. So the way I’d use this is you’d go through here and click these dudes and maybe I can add this later. Like there’s stores that only focus on heavy metal or something and you don’t wanna target them. Maybe I’ll put a category in here for that later but I hope this is a good starting point and you find it useful.”

Graham is a singer / songwriter / guitarist in the Chicago rock band The Thons. He also catalogs the local music scene, new releases and muscular kangaroos in The Blog From Mars.

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