Chicago Band Highlight: Nude Intruder

Chicago Band Highlight: Nude Intruder

nude intruder chicago band

Nude Intruder is the best band name, ever.

Sometime around mid-2013 is when I first heard Nude Intruder. They were sludgey, kinda demented sounding psycho-grunge / garage rock. And their name was awesome.

A few months later we were playing a show with them and mutual pals The Muzzlers at The Beat Kitchen. It was a Sunday night before Christmas. We didn't pack the house but the feeling of comradery filled the room.

This show was the end of our first year of shows. Starting out as a band with zero connections means you play a lot of shows with bands you know little about. You're kinda just smashed together with whoever. This was one of a handful of shows that year where we knew going in to it that we were playing with stand-up dudes.

During their set, Nude Intruder frontman Connor Roche did a neck bend on his guitar then thanked me for showing him that move during our opening set shortly before. I thought that was pretty cool, it made me feel really special. Later I talked to him and let him know I thought Nude Intruder's drummer Greg was great.

We chatted a little bit and I left thinking about the opportunities down the road we had to hangout with these guys.

Little did anyone know that would be Connor's last show. Shortly after he was diagnosed with brain cancer and he passed away less than a year later. During early 2014 Nude Intruder was able to record their last release "Meat Wolf."

The night before Connor passed away, we played a benefit show with several other bands at The Empty Bottle. It was a magical moment in time. It was live webcast to Connor's hospital room. I feel incredibly lucky and honored to have shared in the experience.

It's my hope that this entry helps connect more people with Connor and Nude Intruder's work so it can live on.

Graham is a singer / songwriter / guitarist in the Chicago rock band The Thons. He also catalogs the local music scene, new releases and muscular kangaroos in The Blog From Mars.

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