Live at Young Camelot released

Live at Young Camelot released



We got to Young Camelot early to setup and do sound check. When I get places early there’s a high chance of me getting hammered before the show. When there’s a full bottle of Evan Williams being passed around it’s unavoidable. Friday March 7th at Young Camelot was no exception.

What you hear in the roughly 40 minute recording is me bogarting the bottle of bourbon and having the time of my life while Wyatt is solid on the drums and Frank had a cigarette in his mouth the whole time and did his wavy bass thing. Despite having technical problems this night – one of my amps died before the show, guitar tuning problems and of course I was smashed – this was the most fun show we’ve played to date. It just felt right  – and I think this comes across on this recording better than some of our others.

the thons live at young camelot

The morning after the show. Rocked.


There’s something magical about DIY shows and Young Camelot. When you put yourself out there with your music or whatever you care about, and people come up just to talk about it – there’s nothing more rewarding than that. I’m looking forward to our next show here and getting to meet more cool people.

“The Thons Live At Young Camelot” is available for downloading from Young Camelot’s bandcamp page and all sales / donations / support goes right to them so they can keep doing their thing. Plus I still feel bad for drinking that whole bottle…

We’re going to work on getting cassettes made and available in the next week or two and we’ll have those available at shows and online.

Thanks for listening,
The Thons

Graham is a singer / songwriter / guitarist in the Chicago rock band The Thons. He also catalogs the local music scene, new releases and muscular kangaroos in The Blog From Mars.

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